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The Story of Exciting Lifestyle And Fashion LLC


My name is Rosalind Cooper

Since a young age I always dreamed of having my own business. Now I can say it wasn’t easy, it took over 20+ years of hard work, training, learning, researching, business mentoring, and hands on experience and confidence that put me on the right path. I never stop believing that I can do this. Now I’m proud to say:


Exciting Lifestyle And Fashion LLC was created and started in 2018 right here out of my home office. Thinking back down memory lane a lifetime full of exciting memories! How my family use to have large family reunions, traveling together from state to state every year. Wherever a family member lived we had a reunion there. How our community and surrounding communities had so many activities, from basketball, softball, tennis, football, swimming, soccer, drill teams, talent shows, block parties, holiday parties, birthday parties, weekend dances, and new outfits for every occasion. Those were the good old days! Those memories gave us the idea to not only start a business, but to create those kind of memories with you by joining us!


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